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Products from Taylor Devices are used to absorb, control, or mitigate the motion of masses. This motion may be transient, such as caused by earthquakes and explosions, or steady state, such as caused by vibration and controlled power excitation.



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Taylor Devices is much more than a company that makes products designed to mitigate shock and vibrations. We are a fully integrated company from design to manufacturing to testing.

Design & Analysis

We offer a full staff of engineers to provide detail design, static and dynamic analysis, and system integration of a product that meets your exacting requirements.


We have a full machine shop where components are machined, finished, and inspected to AS9100 standards to meet exact requirements of custom parts for shorter lead-times.


Our program management processes ensure resources are managed effectively so products are assembled on time and to the most stringent configuration management principles.


Acceptance and qualification testing is performed at our world class facility. We have 12 separate test systems capable of forces up to 4,000,000 lbs. and velocities of 600 in/sec.

Quality Inspection

Our solutions are trusted utilizing instructions and procedures that are reviewed, challenged, and evolved regularly to provide the highest value add possible.

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BAE Awards Taylor Devices, Inc.

Taylor Devices, Inc. received a BAE Systems Partner2Win Gold medallion on November 14, 2023, for their exceptional performance and commitment to operational excellence. Their contributions to supply chain success helped BAE Systems ensure quality deliveries to customers.

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Introducing the
Taylor Damped Moment Frame™

Our new Taylor Damped Moment Frame TM (TDMF TM) procedure decouples special steel moment frame design from the damper frame, allowing for easier analytical models, a prescriptive approach to selecting damper properties, and improved coordination with Taylor Devices.

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The Damp It Out! Podcast

In June, we interview Evan Reis of the U.S. Resiliency Council. We discuss improving the standards of our buildings and how prepared we are for a true urban disaster. Learn more about the USRC at:


Low amplitude dampers can be used to apply damping to a more rigid structure that only experiences small displacements from earthquakes, wind and/or pedestrian vibrations.

Low Amp Damper Blog Image

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