Taylor Devices continues to follow all guidelines provided by the CDC, OSHA and the Niagara County Health Department.


The World Leader in

Shock & Vibration Control

Taylor Devices has over 60 years of experience and is capable of tackling even the hardest of challenges. 

Military & Aerospace

Taylor Devices  continues to be a valued supplier to the aerospace, Navy and military industries. Products have been utilized on aircraft, missiles, satellites, spacecraft, ships, submarines, radars, tracked vehicles and gunnery systems.       


Devices designed for heavy duty, service applications. Our products include single or double acting dampers, non-linear dampers, single and double acting liquid springs, tension shock absorbers and tension-compression shock absorbers.       


Taylor products are used by civil engineers worldwide to protect their structures and the people who rely on its safety. These products are easily incorporated into structures and are relied upon with over 700 bridges and other crucial structures worldwide.

Industry Leaders in Seismic Dampers, Industrial Buffers, Shock Isolation Systems and More Since 1955

Products from Taylor Devices are used to absorb, control, or mitigate the motion of masses. This motion may be transient, such as caused by earthquakes and explosions, or steady state, such as caused by vibration and controlled power excitation.

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Speaking with San Diego Connect

Company President, Alan Klembczyk, recently talked about Taylor Devices and the importance of our seismic dampers for those that live in areas that are prone to earthquakes. 

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The Damp It Out! Podcast

In June, we interview Evan Reis of the U.S. Resiliency Council. We discuss improving the standards of our buildings and how prepared we are for a true urban disaster. Learn more about the USRC at:


Whether it’s from seismic activity, excessive winds, or even large motion caused by spectator movements, stadiums around the world depend on Taylor Devices to keep fans safe. 

Dampers in Stadiums

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