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Protecting Nuclear Power Plants

Taylor Devices, Inc. is a leader in providing engineering and manufacturing to energy management problems since 1955. Whether it’s for equipment used on aircrafts, missiles, ships, submarines for the military, or satellites and spaceships for NASA, Taylor has developed an unsurpassed reputation for innovative and reliable products and shock mitigation systems. This also includes a full range of products used to help protect nuclear power plants such as precise machined springs, shock absorbers, fluid viscous dampers, tension and compression (TC) units, and more.  

Taylor Devices is AS9100 certified and has a proven track record of analyzing, designing, manufacturing, and testing to stringent requirements. While we pride ourselves on developing custom applications for any situation, we have also been able to standardize many of our products making them available more quickly and at a more competitive price. 

Whether you are looking to isolate reactors or entire buildings, protection for nuclear battery storage, or shock and vibration control during transportation, we can help. Our analytical services and modern production facilities will serve you with components and systems that possess the utmost performance, quality, and reliability.



Reactor Isolation

Building Isolation




Next Generation Nuclear Power Plants

While nuclear reactors have been around for decades, these power plants are gaining new attention as more and more countries aim to be carbon neutral. Unlike nuclear power plants of old, the focus has been on creating smaller microreactors, or Advanced Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). While they can’t generate as much power as full-size nuclear power stations, they can power millions of homes, and are especially useful in isolated areas. Many countries, including the United Kingdom and France, have already started plans to build these nuclear plants.

The United States has also begun a program of its own with heavy investments in research and development. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has teamed up with universities and industry leaders to head the development of a new generation of gas-cooled, accident-tolerant reactors to be built right here in the US.

While newer technology has made nuclear energy safer, extra precautions must be taken with these power plants, including disruptions from shock and vibrations. As long as these stations are well protected, they can provide safe, reliable, and clean energy.


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Taylor Devices is excited to aid in the development of future nuclear power plants in the United States. Whether you are engineering new nuclear equipment for microreactors, nuclear batteries, or reactor transportation, we can help with your design on the next generation of power plants. Fill out this form to get in touch with our team today.

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