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Seismic Dampers - Bridge Applications

Taylor Devices’ fluid viscous dampers for bridge applications.


Seismic Dampers - Building Applications

Taylor Devices’ fluid viscous dampers for building applications.


Solutions for Tall Buildings

Taylor Devices offers many solutions for mid-rise and high-rise structures.


Seismic Protection Products

Get familiar with all of Taylor Devices’ seismic protection products.


Metal Bellows Dampers

Infinite life, metal bellows dampers are available.


Open Space Dampers

Taylor Devices offers a unique damper configuration for those seeking open bays.


Non-Ductile Concrete Brochure

Learn more about retrofitting preexisting non-ductile concrete buildings with FVDs


Non-Ductile Steel Retrofit Brochure

Learn more about retrofitting preexisting non-ductile steel buildings with FVDs



Our First Ever Damper Design Manual!

This comprehensive manual is a guide for engineers with various levels of experience to take advantage of this technology to improve the dynamic performance of structures and to help save lives throughout the world.

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Military & Aerospace

Military & Aerospace Brochure

Learn about all the custom applications Taylor Devices has worked on for the military and aerospace fields.


Machined Springs

Machined springs provide superior performance and an infinite lifespan.



Machined Springs

Machined springs provide superior performance and an infinite lifespan.


Crane Buffer Specifications

Review the specifications when it comes to our crane and industrial buffers.


Liquid Die Spring Specifications

Review the specifications when it comes to our liquid die springs.



Learn more about how Taylor Devices’ snubbers can help your business.


Standard Products Catalog

Get familiar with all of Taylor Devices’ shock absorber products.


Data Book 7

Learn more about selecting the correct liquid die springs for your business.


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The following update is from company president, Alan Klembczyk.

March 20, 2020

To the Customers of Taylor Devices:

Due to the ongoing dynamics of the situation with respect to the Coronavirus, I feel that it is necessary to update our customers yet again. As of today, there has been a significant development for us, so I want to convey our current status.

The Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, today updated his Executive Order mandating that 100% of their workforce stay home, with certain exceptions.

Before explaining how that impacts us, please allow me to clearly state that we continue to monitor and adhere to the advice of the appropriate public health agencies. Our Executive Management team is in continuous communication with each other and we are reacting accordingly to minimize any possible impacts that this situation may cause in satisfying all our customer’s needs.

We continue to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Niagara County Health Department for news and advice on steps that should be followed. We are following the recommendations of those agencies.

Because Taylor Devices provides products and services for defense and national security-related operations supporting the U.S. Government and is a contractor to the US government, we are continuing our operations on a limited basis to support our requirements. This allows us to maintain at least a minimal workforce, including some office staff and some personnel who are supporting manufacturing, assembly, and testing operations.

We have taken substantial measures to allow certain other employees to work from home if their job function allows. Therefore, we are fortunate to be in a position that allows us to maintain many functional aspects of our Company while still practicing cautious measures to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Please continue to be assured of the following points:

  • TDI Management has taken substantial measures to maintain our ability to meet our obligations to our customers while adhering to the recommendations and regulations of government agencies. Our workforce remains confident, high- spirited and healthy. We have a sufficient workforce that have adjusted their work schedules as necessary. We remain confident that we will continue to meet the ongoing challenges that the situation is presenting to us.
  • Our Purchasing team is in continuous communication with our suppliers so that we can be updated on any delays that may occur. To date, there still have been no delays in receiving our raw materials, purchased components or outside services that affect our final product.

  • We are managing this crisis with plans and protocols, which includes the ability for many of our employees to work remotely and seamlessly to support our customers while keeping our employees safe.

  • Our cleaning service at our factory has stepped up cleaning and disinfecting, especially in high-use areas such as bathrooms and lunchrooms.

  • We have eliminated non-essential travel.

  • We have put into place a policy of reporting any personal travel by staff or family members outside of Western New York to Human Resources to determine if any quarantine measures will need to be taken, especially if the travel is to high-risk exposure areas or on cruise ships.

  • We have added a formal visitor pre-screening process that we now require all visitors that enter our facilities to complete.

Please be assured that Taylor Devices continues to hold a very high standard for all our customers while ensuring the safety of all our employees and our professional associates. Our Sales Staff is always available to answer any questions that you may have, and we will continue to support our customers to the absolute best of our abilities.

Thank you very much for your confidence in us to manage this challenging situation.

Alan Signature
Alan Klembczyk

Please stay tuned for more updates to come.

Thank You!

A Taylor Devices Representative will be in touch shortly.

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