Shock Absorbers

The most compact and lightweight shock absorbers and dampers available anywhere.


Heavy Duty Industrial Shock Absorbers

We manufacture the only industrial shock absorbers that automatically adjust themselves to different impact conditions. A patented exclusive of Taylor Devices, we offer three different series of self adjusting shock absorber units available in 16 sizes. By offering a wide variety, we help get you the exact shock absorber for your energy absorption needs.

Along with these shock absorbers, Taylor Devices also offers a D-Series Damper which can be used for up to 2,000 lbs of output force.

Taylor Devices Industrial Shock Absorbers

Self Adjusting Shock Absorbers

Like any other shock absorber, our Fluidicshoks convert kinetic energy to thermal energy. However, ours are the only ones that are self-adjusting. They are small, extremely compact industrial shock absorbers, so simple in design that they have only five major parts. Capacities of up to 19,200 inch-pounds are available from 15 basic sizes of these miniature shock absorbers. Reset is accomplished either by low force internal coil springs or by a high force internal liquid spring. The liquid spring reset is superior to competitive shock absorbers because it prevents dirt, ice, or excessive drive inputs from binding or bottoming the Fluidicshok.

Because our patented “Fluidic Damping System” can be double acting, reset is gentle even with the high liquid spring force. Three models of the Fluidicshoks are damper types with no reset system. These units feature mono-tube M-series Fluidicshok construction and the choice of single or double acting output.

W-Series Fluidicshoks are available in four sizes of up to 19,000 inch-pounds capacity. W-Series crane buffers are available in eleven sizes of up to 4,000,000 inch-pounds capacity.

The Uni-Shok, available in six models, has a capacity of up to 5,000 inch-pounds, suitable for most industrial energy absorption applications. Metric versions of the Uni-Shok are available for export. The self adjusting shock absorbers are competitive with most custom orifices or manually adjustable designs.

Learn more about each industrial shock absorber below or contact our team today to help you find exactly what you are looking for based on your needs.

Taylor Devices' Shock Absorbers

Industrial Damper

When looking for pure damper applications, we offer our D-Series Damper. Available in both single and double acting styles, this damper is a true linear damping system using a fluidic proportion to velocity input. Made of a solid stainless steel piston rod, corrosion protected steel cylinder, this is a  modern, monotube hydraulic damper with the internal construction is similar to the M-Series and is ideal for high speed machinery and robotic applications.

Taylor Devices' Damper

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