Arresting & Landing Gear

World leaders in the field of shock & vibration with over 60 years of industry experience. 

Custom Landing Gear for the Aviation and Aerospace Industries

Taylor Devices is in its seventh decade as a key supplier of arresting and landing gear to the aerospace, aviation and military industries with an established track record of success. 

Liquid Spring-Damper for Carrier-Based Aircraft Arresting Hook

For the last 60 years, Taylor Devices has been developing custom-engineered shock absorbers and spring assemblies for the aviation and aerospace industries. Our products meet the strict environmental and precision requirements that are demanded by the industry.

An Improved Landing Gear Shock Absorber

Conventional landing gear systems from other manufacturers have been plagued by the effects of long-term creep, rate variability, manufacturing tolerances, and aging. Our latest landing gear shock absorber configurations have overcome these challenges by improved design, methodology and in the strict control of our manufacturing processes.  

Variations of our industrial crane buffer designs are typically used for customized energy absorbers, vibration isolators, shock isolators, landing gear components and suspension systems. Our new landing gear shock absorber is lighter, smaller and less expensive than conventional air/oil landing gear shocks. They require zero maintenance and there is no need for a pressurization cart.

These products have been recently tested through a non-operating temperature range of -123° F to +185°F and an operating temperature range of -65° F to +160° F.

Landing Gear for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Taylor Devices Landing Gear
UAV Landing Gear

For 60+ years Taylor Devices, Inc. has been a key supplier to aircraft manufacturers that require a maintenance free system that can operate in the harshest of environments. Our landing gear systems use a non-pressurized design that is inherently safer and capable of operating at the most extreme of temperatures. Its lightweight and compact design allows for a greater payload and increased aircraft range at a reduced cost, with increased durability and performance when compared to conventional landing gear systems. Design solutions are custom tailored to customer requirements and limited only by the imagination.

Key Advantages of Our Arresting & Landing Gear Shock Absorbers

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