Unparalleled Protection for the Most Demanding Applications

PUMPKIN™ Mounts Provide Protection for Critical Systems and Structures.

The PUMPKIN™ Mount is a shock and vibration isolator manufactured by Taylor Devices, Inc. This patent-protected mount design has been successfully shock tested in naval environments where explosive shock standards are extremely rigorous, reducing input accelerations of several hundred g down to an average of 15g or less.

A unique combination of materials, processes, and damping characteristics results in an isolator with superior performance under shock and vibration through environmental extremes within a relatively small volume and high payload capacity. These devices have the added benefit of lateral symmetry and extended weight capacity to support up to 1600kg per mount and maintain good acceleration attenuation without risk of compression impact.

3D Rendering of the Pumpkin™ Mount

PUMPKIN™ Mounts are designed for use in military applications including protection against underwater shock (UNDEX) events. They can also be used for various civil engineering, industrial, and transportation applications particularly when 6 degree-of-freedom protection is required.

They are an approved mount for NATO standards for Containerised Mission Modules (STANG 4830 and ANEP-99), as well as Shock Mount Characterisation NATO Naval Armaments Group NG6/SG7 on Ship Combat Survivability (ANEP-63).

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Barge Testing

Up Close Testing

Pumpkin vs Wire Rope

Customization with Design Services from PUMPKIN™ Mounts

We provide a design service that selects mount size, placement, and connection to the mounted item and the base seating. Costs and timescales for this service vary depending on the complexity of the installation proposed.


Typical deliverables from our design service are:


Unique design improves the load capacity, high-frequency noise reduction, and proven performance of traditional NATO-standard mounts.


Absorbs energy with layered damping materials, and under extreme shock attributes of the steel absorb additional energy.


Highly resistant to significant tension forces, unlike rubber mounts which require secondary devices to avoid tearing and failure.


PUMPKIN™ Mounts have significant shock performance for repeated events, with the ability to withstand multiple events without compromising the captivity of the equipment.


A unique high-capacity rubber bump stop provides additional protection for naval ship whipping, providing a safeguard against compression impact under extreme loading conditions.


Mount symmetry resists multi-directional lateral loads, and may support a mass in tension, compression or under shear for isolation of wall or bulkhead-mounted fixtures.

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Need help specifying protection systems for your application? Uncertain about mount selection and which PUMPKIN™ Mounts product provides optimal performance for your application?

We provide a design service that selects mount size, placement, and connection to the mounted item and the base seating. Fill out the form below, and someone will be in contact with your shortly to help.
Pumpkin Mount Shock Absorber

We have prepared a brochure highlighting additional benefits of the PUMPKIN™ Mount as well as performance curves and product specifications.


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