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Since 1955, Taylor Devices has been committed to providing innovative products to solve the most challenging industry problems.

Taylor Devices in 1980

Our Story

Incorporated in 1955, Taylor Devices, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of shock absorbers, liquid springs, shock isolation systems, seismic isolators, vibration dampers, power plant snubbers, and other types of hydro-mechanical energy management products. Our products form the cutting edge of technology in our marketplace, and are backed by our 60+ years of successful experience in the shock and vibration control field. 

To learn more about out entire history, you can read this blog post, or listen to our podcast interview with Doug Taylor.

Our Mission

Taylor Devices, Inc. offers turn-key solutions to shock and vibration problems, providing systems analysis, product development, manufacturing and testing capabilities to satisfy the most exacting customer requirements while providing the highest quality product.

Base Isolation System Used on Space Shuttle
181 Fremont in San Francisco, CA

Our Vision

Taylor Devices, Inc. will be a Destination Employer of Choice where our self-empowered, innovative and talented workforce teams to successfully execute and deliver on our stakeholder commitments while concurrently designing and qualifying the next generation of shock and vibration management systems and components to protect life, platform and structures throughout the world with the highest standard of integrity and excellence resulting in profitable growth.

We're ready to tackle your next challenge.

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