Damped Outrigger System

What is a Damped Outrigger System?

Outrigger systems are commonly used in tall buildings to provide lateral stiffness to the building by connecting the stiff core of the building to the perimeter columns. Traditional outriggers are desirable since they provide the lateral stiffness required to control drift and acceleration caused by wind and seismic events without the need for a large number of concrete shear walls or bracing elements. Outrigger systems are now evolving and now fluid viscous dampers are being added to outriggers to further reduce the service and strength level demands on the structure. This results in a much lighter structural system while providing reduced drift and accelerations in the building and improved occupant comfort. Outrigger systems also eliminate the need for large and expensive tuned mass dampers or sloshing dampers that require a larger structural frame to support their weight while occupying the most valuable space at the top of the building.

Damped Outrigger System diagram
Photo provided by Arup Group

Adding fluid viscous dampers between the outriggers and the perimeter columns also eliminates the issues associated with axial shortening since the FVDs allow differential movement between the core and the perimeter columns. This eliminates the need to release the outrigger from the perimeter columns as axial shortening occurs during construction and during the life cycle of the building.

For a completely maintenance free system for the life of the building, Taylor Devices recommends the use of our unique dampers with metal bellows seals offering an infinite life. Complete information about this technology originally designed for space-based applications can be found here.   

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