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Products built to withstand the most demanding applications in even the harshest of environments

Crane Buffers

Fluidic type shock absorbers designed for heavy duty, severe service applications.

Shock Absorbers

The most compact and lightweight shock absorbers available anywhere.

Liquid Die Springs

The most efficient way of obtaining high spring force and energy in a small package.

Damping Solutions for Industrial Applications

Manufactured in North Tonawanda, New York since 1955, Taylor Devices, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of shock absorbers, liquid springs, shock isolation systems, vibration dampers, power plant snubbers, and other types of hydro-mechanical energy management products for industrial purposes. Our products form the cutting edge of technology in our marketplace, and are backed by our 60+ years of successful experience in the shock and vibration control field. 

Industrial Crane Buffer

Taylor Devices has a proven track record of design, manufacturing, and testing to stringent requirements. Regardless of your industrial requirements, our engineering technology and modern production facilities will serve you with components and systems  that possess the utmost in performance, quality, and reliability. We also offer simulation and analytical services unequaled in our industry, using our exclusive 100-year database of shock and vibration events.

Our team is ready to take on your next big project.

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