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Military & aerospace

World leaders in the field of shock & vibration with over 60 years of industry experience. 

Machined Springs

Taylor Devices’ machined springs offer high precision, lightweight, tension / compression operation, linearity, long life, and repeatability.

Landing Gear

Taylor Devices manufactures state-of-the-art landing and arresting systems for superior performance under the harshest conditions.

Isolation Systems

Shock & vibration isolation systems provide protection against continuous or transient shock and vibration events.

Custom Applications

Taylor Devices maintains a wide array of standard products, all of these products can be modified to customer specifications.

Unrivaled Experience in the Military & Aerospace Industries

Since 1955, Taylor Devices has been the nation’s leading independent manufacturer of energy management devices. Our production hardware has been utilized on aircraft, missiles, satellites, spacecraft, ships, submarines, radar, tracked vehicles, and gunnery systems. 

Taylor Devices has a proven track record of design, manufacturing, and testing to stringent requirements. Regardless of your requirements, our engineering technology and modern production facilities will serve you with components and systems  that possess the utmost in performance, quality, and reliability. We also offer simulation and analytical services unequaled in our industry, using our exclusive 100-year database of shock and vibration events.

All Taylor Devices’ products are qualified through strenuous and exacting tests for performance and environmental compatibility to the requirements of both the aerospace and defense sectors.

Landing gear equipment

Custom Military and Aerospace Equipment

Applications for Taylor Devices components and systems include: Energy Absorption and Control, Weapons Effects Isolation, Nuclear Weapons Effects, Seismic Energy Dissipation, Aircraft Arrestment, Umbilical Handling, Stores and Payload Deployment, Control Damping/Delay, and Cargo Transport/Handling.

All of Taylor Devices’ products are produced and tested at our exclusive facility in North Tonawanda, New York. Our plant and test laboratories are fully certified by the U.S. Government, as well as NASA and various federal and corporate agencies.

We at Taylor Devices welcome your inquiry on energy absorption, shock isolation, or other energy management problems. Please feel free to browse our website to learn about some of our capabilities or contact us today to learn more about all our custom applications we can provide. Our skilled technical staff is waiting to assist you.

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